Tmax contact sheet

Tmax contact sheet

Tmax contact sheet

Tmax contact sheet

Life in Gaza 

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I had a dream worthy of the blog this morning. It started out innocent enough, me and a friend were meeting a some mutual friends for a night of bowling fun, and when we got to the bowling spot the others were ahead of us. They called and let us know that there were no available lanes, so we went nearby to wait, while they waited at the alley for a lane for us. My friend got out and walked to a store that was just down the block, and I was standing outside of the car.

All of a sudden there was some sort of heist going down in the parking lot I was parked in, and I was somehow becoming, unwillingly, a part of whatever was going on, as a bystander. I got in the car to make an escape, and all of a sudden Andreas Kisser comes up and gets in the back, drivers side seat of my car. When I crank the car up, Chaos A.D comes on at full volume. I peal out of the parking lot, and we drive off into the night together. 

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Intense dreams

I haven’t written here in sometime. Anyways, my dreams have been incredibly intense, and particularly intensely emotional. For some reason a running trend tends to involve spending time with people I rarely see, or people I have not seen in a long time. Occasionally past loves appear and dredge up dreadful feelings of lost love that I don’t feel tangibly in my waking life. 

More on the intensity of dreams lately. They tend to happen when I wake up for some reason and my sleep cycle gets disrupted. Typically when I fall back asleep and don’t have a full ninety minutes for a complete sleep cycle before my alarm goes off. It’s as if my body KNOWS and so my brains says, “let’s send in the INTENSE dream so that he will wake up in the middle of a sleep cycle, feel completely out of it, and be emotionally distraught.”

The other week I dreamt that my dad died and I was at his funeral when my alarm went off. Let me tell you that that was brutal. Last night I dreamt that I was moving to Arizona, and for some reason I was freaking out about how I was going to load the truck because my wife is pregnant. I was FREAKING out about how long it was going to take to pack and felt an extreme urgency to finish as soon as possible. All of a sudden all of these men showed up to help, and for some reason I had a total breakdown and starting crying uncontrollably. One of the men starting trying to console me and gave me a hug, and that is when my alarm went off. 

I don’t often associate extreme emotions or intensity of this nature to my dreams, and this feels completely out of place. I’ve also not been sleeping all that great, or through most nights. Maybe my body is trying to prepare me for a new baby? 

These experiences are pretty wild. Until next time I write. Nobody’s reading. 

Lucid dreaming

I think I’m pretty sure I was having a lucid dream the other night. It wasn’t as cool as I expected, and I already forget what I was doing. 

Film Shots, a set on Flickr.I’ll put these here so no one will see them.

Film Shots, a set on Flickr.

I’ll put these here so no one will see them.
Coral’s Second Birthday Party, a set on Flickr.A few photos of my daughter’s 2nd bday party last Sunday.
IMG_5961CakeCake and Cake PopsThe Bday Girl

Coral’s Second Birthday Party, a set on Flickr.

A few photos of my daughter’s 2nd bday party last Sunday.